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Strip Tool Jacket & Buffer FiverOptic™

The FiverOptic™ strip tool combines 5 fiber optic stripping functions into a single tool reducing tool cost and stripping time. Strips outer jacket diameters from 2.0-2.4 mm and 2.8-3.0 mm. Strips loose tube outer jacket from 2.0-3.0 mm. Strips buffer and acrylate from 900Ám type buffered fibers and 250Ám acrylate coated fibers.

Buffer Strip Tool 103S

Removes buffer from 250 and 900 micron cables. This .0055" factory set tool makes quick work of even tough acrylate coated fibers.

Buffer Strip Tool 203

The most commonly used stripping tool in the fiber optic industry. In single short strokes fiber cables can be stripped to the glass. Remove 900-micron buffers and 250-micron acrylate coatings all at once.

Jacket Strip Tool

Slit cables to expose OFCCs (Optical Fiber Cable Components) with this tool. Range .18"-1" diameter.

OFCC (Optical Fiber Cable Components) Jacket Stripper

Strip fiber optic cables without damaging the buffer. This jacket stripper tool has a padded spring release handle.

Buffer Strip Tool Assembly

This precision tool is designed to strip 900-micron fiber buffers without fiber damage. Extra blade included.

Thermal Buffer Stripper

The Thermal Buffer Stripper uses heat to melt the 900-micron buffer before the stripping blades remove the material. This heat process will remove even the toughest buffers and acrylate coatings that have fibers not centered in the buffer. Ordinary stripping tools will just break non-concentric fibers.

Buffer or Acrylate Stripper

This sturdy high precision tool strips 900 micron buffers or 250 micron acrylate coatings.

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