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M28876 & M29504 Tools

The following tools are used for installation of Mil-C-28876 fiber optic connectors that use Mil-T-29504 fiber optic termini. Consult the Mil-STD-2042 for detailed instruction on the proper use of these items.

Insertion Tool, 90 Degree

For Termini insertion in straight backshelled connectors.

Insertion Tool, Straight

Used to insert the pin or socket into the nest of the M28876 connector. The 90-degree tool works best for straight multi-channeled connectors. The Straight insertion tool works best for connectors without a backshell and connectors with 45 or 90-degree shells. Select both and be ready for any M28876 application.

Alignment Sleeve Tool I & R Tool Ceramic Termini

Used to remove the whole alignment sleeve of the terminus without destroying the ceramic insert.

Removal Tool

For extraction of M29504 termini from multi-channel connectors. (rear insertion, front release)

Backshell Wrench, C-Type

Torque the M28876 backshell without scoring IAW Mil-STD-2042 by using the C-Type Backshell wrench.

Tri Post Torque Adapter, Size 11
Tri Post Torque Adapter, Size 13
Tri Post Torque Adapter, Size 15

Insure that your cable assembly has the full pull strength by using proper torque to secure the compression nut assembly of the M28876 connector to the cable. 25" pounds of torque is required on the compression nut inside the connector shell. The compression nut with boot shell assembly requires 60" pounds of torque.

O-ring Installation Tool, Size 11
O-ring Installation Tool, Size 13
O-ring Installation Tool, Size 15
O-ring Installation Tool, Size 23

In order to obtain the proper seal in the housing of the Ruggedized connectors. An O-ring must be installed to trap the strength member strands properly and secure the cable to the housing assembly.

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