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Inspection Tools

VFS 2 Video Fiber Scope 2nd Generation

The VFS 2 is a small extremely versatile video fiber scope, which retains the superior image quality associated with Noyes inspection products. The unique "optical-knuckle" allows the user to orient the probe head in virtually any direction. This feature allows the user to view connectors that may be located in tight or difficult locations. With a probe head length of less than 8 cm (3.25"), access into crowded/cramped quarters becomes a reality.

The VFS 2 resolves micron scratches, keeping with our standard of quality end-face images. The unit is designed for one-handed operation and with the "optical-knuckle" feature, the unit is equally easy for both right and left handed individuals. New precision adaptor tips put the fiber in the viewing area right away. These tips ensure the optics will view into the alignment sleeve, thereby simplifying centering the fiber.

The VFS 2 probe may be paired with the VFS 2 high-resolution 3.5" display unit, which features advanced lithium ion battery and charger technology for long, continuous operating times.


  • Unparalleled access to connectors and bulkhead adaptors
  • One-handed operation
  • Resolves micron scratches
  • Precision adaptor tips for easy centering
  • 350-micron field of view (diagonal)
  • Smooth, precision focusing (left or right handed)
  • Advanced lithium ion battery

Microscope Assembly (100X)

Now available the American Fiber Optic Universal Microscope (ST, FC and SC). Insert the ferrule into the microscope and inspect the end surface with ease. This microscope is perfect for multimode connectors.

Flash100 Light Source

Perfect for trouble shooting cables. This ST light source is made from a sturdy Mini-Mag flashlight and a female ST coupling. Two AA alkaline batteries and dust cover are included.

Microscope (400X)

Made of tempered steel this microscope will allow the installer to inspect for visual connector flaws by viewing the end face of M29504 termini and most 2.5mm connectors to include ST, SC, or FC. Two AA batteries included.

Eye Loupe (10X)

This eye loupe allows the installer to view the fiber optic ferrule. Scribe and polish require detailed inspection as well.

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