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American Fiber Optic Technologies provides customized voice, data and electronic assembly kits for customers requiring individually separate but related items grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one unit. For example, training facility renovations often require the removal of dated technology and replacing it with current technology such as smart-boards, flat screens and sound systems.

In the majority of installations, each product solution still requires peripheral products necessary to complete the installation. Unfortunately, these products are sourced through multiple suppliers resulting in additional costs in product acquisition, delivery and labor.

American Fiber Optic Technologies removes this issue by creating a customized kit that is assembled and shipped out as one unit directly to your facility.

Key Advantages:

  • No more running around for parts to complete an installation. Everything required to complete the installation is provided as specified.
  • American Fiber Optic Technologies provides proof of delivery prior to crews being deployed on site. No lost or late materials.
  • In conjunction with our customers, American Fiber Optic Technologies will recommend products and items to ensure product quality, adaptability, and functionality.
  • If requested, installation instructions are included in each kit.
  • Barcoded and labeled kits for easy inventory management. We can label anything to your exact specifications. All kits of the same type will shipped uniformly in the same size box and stacked uniformly on a pallet.

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