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The LightCon™ ST/SC/FC/LC Fiber Optic Connection System

LightCon™ Connectors

The LightCon™ ST/SC/FC/LC are made with a Pre-radius zirconia ceramic ferrule. Zirconia ceramic ferrules have a more consistent tolerance and a low thermal sensitivity. Designed to accept multi-mode fiber optic cable, this ST can be used with 3.0mm-jacketed fiber and 900 micron buffered fibers. Using the Epoxy-Crimp-Polish termination method and the supplied 2-step crimp ring with boot, your connections will have excellent strain relief.

The LightCon™ Compatible Adapter includes a bronze sleeve for Multi Mode applications and is an accurate alignment method without added cost. The Single Mode adapter has a split ceramic sleeve for extreme precision alignment.

LightCon™ ST

Connector Multimode

Connector Singlemode

ST-ST Coupling Adapter Multimode

ST-ST Coupling Adapter Singlemode

ST is a registered Trademark of AT&T

* Volume pricing available

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