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Secured/Keyed Connectors

Keyed LCs

Offer mechanical network security for organizations desiring to segregate networks due to privacy or security concerns. Utilizing the LC small-form-factor (SFF) format for optical fiber cabling, the keyed LC solution provides physical separation for up to eight networks, applications or organizations. Eight color-coded key combinations prevent inadvertent or unauthorized access to networks and provide fast and easy network identification. Keyed connectors on the front and back of the patch panel area are used to match access rights to the proper network. The keyed features cannot be duplicated with standard LC components, thereby preventing violation of network security. The SFF LC connector allows high-density deployment in less space than SC or ST Compatible Connectors and supports up to 288 fibers in a 4U rack-mountable housing. The keyed LC connector solution is available in singlemode, 62.5 µm multimode, standard 50 µm and laseroptimized 50 µm multimode.

Anaerobic Connector

  • Fast-cure anaerobic adhesive; does not require electrical power for lamps or ovens
  • Hand polish; does not require polishing machine
  • Reduced installation time; single-strike crimp solution ensures less than three minutes assembled and polished
  • Average 0.2 dB insertion loss with physical contact polish

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