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Military Fiber Optics Installation: What To Look For In A Training Program

By: Christine Harrell

Fiber optics has become a major player in the government and military sector. It makes sense; optical fiber cable has proven itself time and again in terms of signal security, performance, bandwidth, durability, and lower per-channel costs. With military fiber optics technology now in such high demand, an increasing number of companies are surfacing with training programs, but not all are created equal. In this article, we'll discuss 5 critical elements to look for in a military fiber optics training program.

#1 Training for multiple fiber optics equipment manufacturers

Even if you're planning to use one particular manufacturer, you never know when you may need to switch fiber optic manufactures or need to integrate fiber optics accessories from different manufacturers. While each manufacture offers training for its own products, it's important to choose a fiber optic training program that focuses on multiple manufactures such as Delphi, AFSI, AOS, and Glenair. This means an unbiased training on the differences, strengths and weaknesses of various manufacturer products.

#2 Manufacturer-approved courses

Though it's best to choose a fiber optic training course that includes instruction on the technology of multiple manufacturers, it's important that the training program be certified by the various manufacturers being discussed. Manufacturers are the authorities on their own products so you'll want to be sure that the information you receive in training is approved by the manufacture.

#3 Fiber optic training specific to military guidelines

Military fiber optics installation and maintenance practices adhere to different guidelines than commercial fiber optics. For example, MIL-STD-2042B (SH) sections 5 and 6 details the standards governing the use of fiber optics on U.S. Navy ships. Unless the fiber optic training teaches to these guidelines, the skills and knowledge won't comply with military standards.

#4 On-site training

In the past, if you wanted an education, it was up to you travel to the training destination. Some fiber optic training programs still operate this way, but many will bring the training directly to your facility. In today's fiber optic training industry, your company doesn't have to foot the bill for travel expenses and downtime associated with sending technicians off-site for training.

#5 Published list of past clients

A company's list of past fiber optic training clients speaks volumes about its credibility and level of expertise. Companies that have past clients such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, and various branches of the military, show solid reasoning that a company can deliver on its promise.

Whenever a newer technology enters the market, the process of training the necessary people and make the mass switch from the old model to the new can seem daunting. Using these 5 guidelines to choose your fiber optic training program can help you get your team up trained quickly and thoroughly on in this growing technology.

Author is a writer for AmericanFO who specialize in military fiber optics training. For additional information you can visit www.americanfo.com.

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